The Late Late Animals
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The Late Late Animals
I decided to teach people about nocturnal animals, because at night when we are asleep we do not see enough what is happening at night so we may not appreciate what is happening out there. I hope to show the powers of some nocturnal animals so people can appreciate and show compassion to all the amazing animals.
I will do this by letting the users pick an animal. A food machine will appear and If they pick the correct food that the animal eats they will see a "superpower". Each time they play, the food are randomized, so users can learn variety of food that the animals eat!
The platform I will be using is Oculus GO
I used Unity 2018.2.3f1
I have implemented cinemachine and timeline at the start of my game
Thanks to Oculus Start for providing an Oculus GO for me!

Final Game

Here is the download for the final apk

The Beginnings

Before I started adding a bunch of visuals in, I started of testing with just a bunch of cubes as my animals. The idea here is to pick an animal > pick a food > see their "powers". The food tested are just test food for now. Powers not implemented yet. I had issues with getting the raycast to hit the bat because I attached a collider to the parent of the bat but when the animation starts, the collider would not move along with it.

The start of my bat using his echolocation power! I also found out that I can attach a collider and the head (one of the child of the bat) instead of the parent root which solves a problem I had earlier.
Here is an Example of a Raccoon Power!
Finally added some textures in with Oculus Avatars

The video above shows a "hand" which is using Oculus Avatars. However, when I began making this game, I wanted to include a box with a red button, so it will look like the user is pressing a button. Using Oculus Avatars, I was not able to implement this feature. Therefore, I removed Avatars (build was faster too!).
I finally figured out a name for my game. Instead of "Animal Powers", I have now decided to call it "The Late Late Animals".
I included a power for the frog. This was one of the harder ones because I wanted the scene to unload after a few seconds after the frog eats the fly. However, the way the fly moves is random. So I made a collider and if the fly hits the collider, the frog eats it!
The sound from the fly is using a voice app called "Change Your Voice"
At the beginning I knew right away I wanted to implement cinemachine and timeline because at the 2018 Unity Developers Day, I saw one of the talks showing a Car being "advertised" using timeline. I wanted to add that feature, but didn't know how I would use it since the camera on an Oculus GO is the users head. Then I found out about minimap. So I combined minimap and cinemachine&timeline. I had no experience in cinemachine and timeline so I watched "Cinematic Design in Unity with Cinemachine and Timeline" by Joy Horvath. I learned how to set up a minimap from Here was test where I was desperately hoping properties of a minimap and timeline would work together- IT DID!

Setting up cinemachine can be hard, especially if you don't want other objects being shown from another virtual camera. Position and transition of my animals had to be chosen carefully. As shown below:


  • The title is inspired by late night talks shows "The late late show with [name of host]
  • Animal Books (World Discovery Science Readers) "Owls,Bats,Wolves and Other Nocturnal Animals" by Kris Hirschmann
  • The famous Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt making animal tv shows such as: Zobomafoo, Kratt's Creatures and and Wild Kratts
  • Pokemon! If you know Zubat, you know it has supersonic!
  • And of course, the animals around us

Assets and Resources used:

  1. Oculus Integration by Oculus
  2. Cinemachine and Timeline
  3. Level 1 Monster pack by PI Entertainment Limited
  4. 2d Rig Animated Raccoon by I.O.V
  5. Free Food Pack by Lumo-Art 3D
  6. KidZone font, SpicyRice-Regular
  7. Realistic Furniture And Interior Props Pack by Sevastian Marveoy
  8. Low Poly Trashbin by The Location Lab Private Limited
  9. Fire & Spell Effects by Digital Ruby (JEFF JOHNSON)
  10. Free Stylized Nature Environment by INK PHANTOM STUDIO
  11. Fabulous Tree- Lowpoly Style by MixAill
  12. LowPoly Fantasy Monsters Pack Ver1.0_DEMO By TS Work
  13. Classical Tunes Flying Dutchman by A14 Games
  14. Blood SFX Pack by Globe Games
  15. Ambient Sample Pack by Electrodynamics
  16. "Change Your Voice" app
  17. My lil brother for being the voice actor of the fly (it was just 2 words "Oh oh" in the bat scene, but it was the best line ;D )
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Why don't you use UnityRecorder to make better demos of your game?
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