Animal Breeding Experiment
Combining two 3D meshes to create a new mesh that is an exact splice of the two.
I often come up with unsolicited ideas for game mechanics, but have no game to apply them to. This is an example of one of those times. I like to test myself and see if the mechanic is possible. In this experiment I took several different meshes I made in blender. Combining two at a time, I could create their "offspring" so to speak. This could also be used in a racing game for example. Have 2 models for the same car: one perfect, and one bent-up and damaged. Depending on the health of the car, it could look more and more like the damaged model. In this experiment I am creating a small animal breeding simulator with at least 4 animals to choose from, and you can breed them to your hearts content to create the abomination you dream of. After its completion I am considering whether it belongs on the Asset Store or not.
Preston Haworth
Programmer - Executive