Anesthesia SimSTAT
This is a training simulation game I've worked on while at Indusgeeks Pvt. Ltd., a game company that focuses on gamification products. Made using Unity3D targeting the WebGL platform. Perhaps my biggest achievement while working on this was the development of a waveform rendering shader which dramatically improved the performance of the game by replacing an existing mechanism which was dependent on the CPU. This was very challenging because the shader had to be compatible with WebGL 1.0, which imposes a lot of restrictions when it comes to graphics processing.
  • Dramatically improved game performance by developing a waveform shader to replace the existing CPU dependent mechanism
  • Wrote code to simulate Electronic Medical Record, Intravenous Fluid System etc...
  • Created tools to speed up the development process
  • Carried out various optimizations to make the game run smoothly on WebGL where resources are limited
  • Developed highly maintainable and flexible code that worked across multiple projects and modules
  • Assisted the team on various occasions with development related issues
Ajith Gopinathan
Ajith Gopinathan - Programmer