And lighting began!
Hello everyone!
Currently, I am working on a new project based on a 3rd person prototype. To achieve this first testing, I have been working with the 2018.1 beta version and I primarily worked on lighting. I am totally glad about the first results.
The idea was to get the best possible performance at runtime by using some Reflection Probe Volumes and one Post-Process volume.
Finally, In order to get a dynamic scattering effect, I used some assets from SpeedTree. Here we have the first results:
See you soon!
Assets from the 'Asset Store' used for this testing:
  • SpeedTree:
  • Enviro - Sky and Weather:
Assets from 'Megascans Library':
  • Brick Rubble:
  • Cracked Rock:
  • Tree Stump:
  • Soil Mud Surface:
Joaquín M. Parrilla
Student of Computer Engineering at UNED - Student