Ancient Waves
Ancient Waves is a prototype for a navigational puzzler developed for Bucharest Global Game Jam 2017. Project page:
The game places the player in the role of piloting a space ship which has to navigate gravitational waves in order to preserve its limited fuel as it makes its way from jump gate to jump gate.
Take away: -It is worth spending time to get everyone on the team to envision the game together in whole. This helps work flow more smoothly under time pressure. -Talk to other teams and meet people – this is an important part of such events. -Quick prototyping is good, quicker is better. -It is a plus if game and level designers have scripting and art design skills, as they can help set up the prototype sooner, then get to work on level and game design tweaks. -Avoid cutting the in-game menu and tutorials. -Be prepared for unexpected issues (GitHub not working, noise of other contestants). -Aim to have working build as soon as possible before the final deadline. It will make the last hours a more relaxed working process.
Team: Adrian Bogatu – Programmer Constantin Iosef – Artist Tudor Nimara – Game/Level Designer Aurelian Talpasanu – Game/Level Designer Special thanks for helping with the sounds to Silviu Ivascu (from
Tudor Nimara
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