Ancient Vault
Updated 2 years ago
Inside the Ancient Vault
Submitted and pending for review!!
Demo Scene Making-Off video:
I had no time to finish all the assets that i want to include on the package, so i will continue making those, i really don't want to rush and compromise the quality, this is on what im working now..
Hi, this is my new update, I created a complete scene with the current finished props.
I also recorded all the process, when i finish the video-editing, i will upload the videos to my youtube channel, so you can see how i made this demo scene.

Hello, this is my entry for the contest. I started I little bit late, but I will do my best, if I cannot finish all the props for the contest deadline, I will continue supporting de asset on the store, and updating it.
This is the Main idea (Block-out)
All the modeling is done in 3DMax and Zbrush.
Substance painter is an important part of my process, i use it for all the baking and texturing.
lorenzo dominguez
GameArtist - Programmer