Ancient Greece Volume I
Ancient Greece Volume I is a collection of more than 20 models created for an environment in Ancient Greece. It consists of the following: - Doric Temple - Tholos (circular) Temple - Amphitheater - Small farmer house - Big two story farm house - Farm wooden fences - Farmer Wagon - Small farmer cart - Set of farmer tools (Shovel, Mower, Hose, two types of rake) - Set of 6 rocks - Torch and flame holding vase - Haystack - Barrels - HDRI environment image - 33 detailed PBR 2K and 4K textures - 5 original ground textures - Day / Night Cycle Other Volumes of Ancient Greece will add to this initial environment set. This is an ambitious project which hopes to create a big collection of Ancient Greek environments. The Ancient Greece asset is suitable not just for games that have to do with ancient Greece. The models can also be used for Roman times as well as for any similar civilization around this period.
Antonis Fassolas
3D Modeler Generalist - Artist