Anaglyph Glasses Simulation for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets
3D Television maybe dead that's a pity but some of these older technologies including anaglyph 3D still survive among the few that invested in 3D HD Television. Anaglyph 3D still provides a surprisingly impressive 3D effect if used with some leading software products on the market like Cyberlink's PowerDvd. Well the latest version of PowerDvd 19 with its new VR Mode was way below my expectations which prompted me to put together a project in Unity to present a more stunning cinematic experience for utilizing VR.
The Virtual Reality technology is sufficiently robust to port usage of such former technologies. It was also clear from the forums that some people have struggled with trying to simulate anaglyph 3D in Unity. After much experimentation with anaglyph and stereoscopic imagery i was able to create a realistic anaglyph glasses simulation to run on a Windows Mixed Reality Headset. The filters behave almost identical to physical based anaglyph glasses. The asset was published to the Unity Store and is becoming a bit of a pain with procedural acceptance. Hopefully these issues are resolved else developers seeking an anaglyph mode for VR will never get access to the asset. It is clearly better than the anaglyph glasses mode within the Steam VR Media Player application.