An Adventure Of Relativity
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Cheat The World With Rules Of Physics
An Adventure Of Relativity.
cheat the world, through the laws of modern physics.
you'll be learning concepts of modern physics, such as special relativity, and speed of light, in a fun visual quick manner.

the game is still in early stages, and i shall be doing my very best, to do weekly uploads with a playable iteration of the game.
the current iteration can be played at the following link, any and all feedback is more than welcome.

Main Tools Used:
Asset Store:
Camera Effects and Camera Play.
Wire Frame Shader By Jolix
Master Audio AAA.
Pro Core, Pro Builder.
Tutorials (Surprisingly):
Note: Tutorials were used as inspiration for code structure, and was heavily expanded upon.
Pluggable AI Finite State Machine (Unity Tutorial)// Was Used For Creating AI.
Point And Click Adventure (Unity Tutorial)//Interaction System
Unity RPG Course Part 1 (Ben Tristem Course)//General Systems, and Coding Skills.
Scriptable Objects Revolution (Unite Talk, Watched On Unity channel)
GameArchiecture with Scriptable Objects (Unite Talk, Watched On Unity channel)

Mo'tasem Zakarneh
An intermediate C# programmer - Programmer