Amphibian Annihilation
Published 10 months ago
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Mac; Windows
A submission to the 2017 XKCD Game Jam, inspired by XKCD #772. A game where your goal is to cause the biggest accident possible.
Amphibian Annihilation is still one of my favorite games that I've made. Made in less than 72 hours for the XKCD Game Jam, I still use it as a reminder that it's always better to start out simple. I like complexity in games, and for a long time I tried to make complex games for personal projects and game jams. Every time I tried, however, it would either fail or have to be scaled back considerably to fit within time constraints. The relative success of Amphibian Annihilation, compared to my other projects at that time, taught me that fun ideas can be simple.
By contrast, Amphibian Annihilation is not a complex game. The only interaction the player has with it is to aim and fire the frog; everything else is handled by the Unity physics. Yet despite all my biases about what makes a good game, it remains one of my best received games; it placed 14th in the Fun category out of 90 submissions to the XKCD Game Jam and received generally positive feedback from people on and from people within my local game development group. And as time has gone on, it has become one of my favorite games that I've worked on.
So while it was a small success as far game entries go, Amphibian Annihilation taught me a lot about how to design and develop games. It showed me that complexity doesn't always make a game good, and that fun can be simple as letting the physics system do most of the work. It also showed me that good design starts simple and becomes complex, and that too much complexity at the start of the design process can be overwhelming.
So while it's not the big success that every developer hopes their game becomes, Amphibian Annihilation was an important stepping stone in my growth as a designer. I hope that you can appreciate it for what it is, and that you take some inspiration from it with you on your journey.
Aidan Bauer
Game Developer - Programmer
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