Amerika de Franz Kafka
Project developed at SAE Institute México from octubre to december 2013. Credits: - Manuel Bernal Monterrubio - Jorge Sotomayor Díaz de Cossio This project is a reinterpretation of the original work of Franz Kafka: "Amerika" in a contemporary context. The game develops in the chapter "a small villa at the outskirts of New York" where Karl is invited to Claudia's birthday party, who wants to have sex with hum. Karl refuses, because it had already happened to him before with trouble, so he is locked in a room of the mansion. So Karl has the objetive to escape the mansion. In his way he will find with all characters from the book in a younger version. Each one asks Karl to bring certain object in order to help him escape.
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Jorge Sotomayor Díaz de Cossio
Game Designer / Game Programmer / Teacher - Educator