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About This GameAMERICAN PATRIOTS: THE SWAMP FOX is a first-person shooter set during the American Revolutionary war in November 1780. The player assumes the role of Francis Marion, a true American Patriot who fights fiercely against British redcoats. The troops of Colonel Tarleton are hunting him down in a swamp in South Carolina. In the end, Francis Marion will be known as The Swamp Fox.FeaturesBeer brewing.18th century warfare.Cabbage farming.Double flintlock pistol.A roguelike gamemode with procedural swamps, items and permadeath.Are you hardcore enough to get the golden weapon in horde mode?Inspired by the ambush scene from The Patriot.AMERICAN PATRIOTS: THE SWAMP FOX started as a simple small-scale horde shooter but now offers a much more unique experience. The roguelike gamemode lets you sleep in a cozy log cabin to restore your health, has numerous gameplay changing beverages in antique Wistarburgh bottles like "Every kill makes you faster", "10% change that redcoats can freeze" and randomly generated labyrinths with five huge swamp levels. You can also brew beer by following step-by-step the original beer recipe written by George Washington. Brew a dark and tasty porter with a strong flavor of molasses. Once the beer is ready, friendly bluecoats might more likely join you in battle. You also have a small garden near the log cabin where you can grow cabbages to get maximum health. Hunting down redcoats is a lot of fun!Art and programming by Rain Pohlak. d859598525 Title: American Patriots: The Swamp FoxGenre: ActionDeveloper:Cult SoftwarePublisher:Cult SoftwareRelease Date: 31 Oct, 2018 American Patriots: The Swamp Fox Download For Pc Highly Compressed not even worth a single dollar.
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