Ambulance Asset
This model came about during development for Zombie Panic! Source shortly after we learned some of the original developers had ported some content that we shouldn't be using without permission. The old content was promptly removed, but it left a serious void in our collection of military and emergency vehicles which are necessary to create the proper kind of ambiance we needed in many of our levels. I decided to test my skills, having made a few less complicated vehicle models before (a very low poly jet, and an airport luggage runner) I felt confident I could rise to the occasion. I'm very pleased with the results, and I'm happy to report it was quickly adopted by the team and is now used in a multitude of outdoor street scenes. And luckily we were able to re-bolster our military vehicle collection by hand picking what we needed from CS:GO assets, which is totally on the up and up according to Valve's fair usage policy.

Joshua King
Game Designer - Artist