Ambition: A Minuet in Power
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Love, wealth, and power... by any means necessary!
Ambition: A Minuet in Power is a revolutionary, romantic video game where you play as a woman of fashion in pre-revolutionary France, a time of intrigue, danger, and serial adultery. There, you will use social skills, seduction, and guile to advance your position, all while preparing for the danger of the coming political upheaval.
Think of the game as halfway between a Japanese dating sim and a roguelike. Romance in Ambition isn’t just story writing, it’s a mechanic. By engaging in liaisons with various nobles, the player gains limited access to the resources of the person they’ve seduced. The more devoted their partner is to them, the more power the player has over that noble. This lets the player influence the outcome of political events. A particularly creative (and ruthless) player can even maintain multiple secret liaisons simultaneously. Getting caught doing this, however, can have very dangerous consequences.
Additionally, Ambition randomly generates the world you play in, every time. This means that every playthrough is a little different. Nobles you meet in one playthrough might not show up in another. The revolution may be a success, or a disaster. It’ll be up to you, as the player, to figure out who to befriend and who to snub, in order to ensure the best position for yourself.
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Mac; Windows
Marian Alexandru
5 months ago
Software Developer - Designer
Very nice work, I like it ! Please also check my link as well and if it is also possible to like it that would be great ! My 2D Game Pack !
8 months ago
Мейфу - Other
это каким дауном нада быть что бы в это играть? да алоды были лудше этого да это в разы лудше
9 months ago
this looks awesome
9 months ago
We love, we play, we make the games! - Owner
Cool animations!
Quentin Lengele
9 months ago
Creative Software Engineer - Owner
Very nice drawings!