Amber Waves Of Pain
Amber waves of pain is an action strategy game where two players each take control of an army and try to destroy the opposing one. Soldier behaviour is driven by a combination of user input and various flocking behaviours. Squads have 3 formations... Defense : soldiers bunch together facing outward. Energy regenerates faster in this state, and you are less likely to take casualties. Marching : soldiers move around at a moderate pace and generate energy at a normal rate. This formation is good for getting into position, but you are the most vulnerable in this state Charging : this is intended for offense and inflicting maximum capacity, but it consumes energy quickly and cannot be sustained. After a charge you are vulnerable and cannot change states for 2 seconds. Every 10 seconds you can summon reinforcements.
Matthew Holtzem
Unity Programmer - Programmer
Jared Dinsbach
Senior Software Engineer - Programmer
Programming, gameplay design, level design
Matthew Holtzem
3 years ago
Unity Programmer
Nikita Melikhov
3 years ago
Motion Designer
It looks cool, nice one!