Amaya and Ko
Published 5 months ago
Windows; Android
A companion adventure and Story-Driven 2D Sidescroller, Amaya and Ko follows the journey of a young girl in search of her late brother's lost umbrella. Though she is afraid of the water after her brother's drowning, she is joined by a friendly water spirit.
The heart of this game is its dialogue system, a state factory of scriptable objects I developed. With this singleton dialogue and event manager, our team of three was able to write six chapters of this game in a very limited development schedule of only 3 months.
I was team leader, animations, story design, and movement algorithms. Another developer was level design, parallax and environmental algorithms. The artist developed the character expressions and animation stills.
The game features 2D kinematic character movement, a dynamic flying follower, and keyboard or tablet controls. It is a platformer with six levels, and an easter egg sequence.
The story is a moving emotional coming of age journey.
This submission took first place at Oregon State University's career showcase, 2018.
Richard Nickerson, A.K.A. Feygon Willow
Software Engineer - Programmer
Game Languages
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Windows; Android