Alpha Assault - Tank Warfare
3D Strategic game made in Unity with StrangeIoC (Android, iOS)
At Goodgame, I was working on a new strategy game with Unity3D using StrangeIoC and Protobuf. I had an overall excellent experience working in an international team. We had a great understanding and fast problem solving due to usage of Agile development technics and Scrum methodologies. As a unity client developer I was prototyping a brand new game with fresh game mechanics in a short period of time. I was involved into development of the game from scratch with designing game core architecture with MVCS structure that we used in the project via StrangeIoC. I was highly responsible for gameplay visualization as a view part of the game architecture. Also I developed user interface system that would be understandable for UI artists. I was also responsible for writing and optimizing mobile shaders and working closely with 3D artists. As the game had an online component, I was writing client-server communication code and worked tightly with server developers.
Pavlo Shchelkun
Unity Software Engineer and Team Leader - Programmer
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