ALLO Virtual Shop
Allo virtual store is a revolutionary AR-based shopping experience created for one of the biggest Ukrainian electronics retailers for expanding the product line and starting the WOW marketing campaign. The door to the virtual store leads to a fully virtual environment where clients can see all the products in detail. 3D models of home appliances are created with 100% precision so the 3D model of a washing machine is not different from the washing machine in reality.
It’s an augmented reality application for iOS and Android which means that virtual shopping is accessible to any person with a smartphone. A customer can literally open the door to a virtual store from anywhere. To build this augmented reality application we used ARKit and ARCore, the best SDKs accessible for AR apps building today.
Allo virtual store is the new dimension of shopping. If you download this app - you can open the door to the virtual store from anywhere. The app can be extended to the actual environment: it’s possible to turn off the virtual scene and see how home appliances fit in the kitchen or a bathroom. The scaling is perfect: all the home appliances are created in their actual size.
Inside the store, there is an unlimited choice of goods. You can watch all the products in full size, see them from all the perspectives. More than that, you can interact with these goods opening the door of the fridge for example.
The scaling is perfect: all the home appliances are created in their actual size. You can turn off the environment at any moment you like and see how a virtual fridge or a washing machine will look at your environment.
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