Allan Poe's Nightmare
Updated 2 years ago
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Android; iOS
A mystery game based on the dark and creepy mind of the writer Edgar Allan Poe, where you can get inside and discover his most frightening and disturbing stories.
Allan Poe's Nightmare: a steampunk arcade game based on the dark and spooky work of Edgar Allan Poe. A vertiginous journey through some of its most terrifying and disturbing stories.
His incredible universe becomes an exciting video game for iOS & Android, in which the writer must escape from a terrifying nightmare where his works have come to life. In his flight, the player must recover the words stolen from his stories and poems, as he crosses the skies and the depths of a world devastated by an eternal world war, in his amazing flying quill.
With a simple game system, Allan Poe's Nightmare immerses us in an absorbent steampunk universe of minimalist style, in which only 4 colors have been used: white, black, green and red. The soundtrack, a selection of the most frenetic pieces by classic authors such as Dvořák, Bach, Chopin, Brahms or Prokofiev, takes the player to another era.
Diego Adrada
Founder, Game Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
Spanish; English, British; English
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS