All You Need to Know About Windshield Adhesives
Published 2 years ago
Windshield Adhesives
The benefits of using bona fide products are many and varied. An original windshield doesn’t only last long but is pivotal for the safety of the passengers as well. Logically, bogus adhesives used to fix windshields can easily compromise the integrity of the vehicle leading to unwanted and dangerous circumstances.
Whenever going for a windscreen replacement, ensure that the personnel uses only genuine adhesives to fix the windscreen. Negligent technicians might use silicone to fix the windscreen which will slowly but surely cause complications.
Therefore, trust only genuine dealers when it comes to windshields. Genuine parts guarantee your safety on the road by maintaining the integrity of the vehicle. Additionally, authentic windshields are rarely prone to windshield damage. It is a common mistake to neglect the adhesive whenever getting a windshield replacement.
Fake Adhesive – Disadvantages
  • They may fail to seal the glass properly with the frame of the car. Consequently, the integrity will be compromised during accidents leading to possible fatalities
  • They leave gaps between the frame and the windshield exposing the cabin to dust, dirt, heat and sound. The interiors will deteriorate and it will causing discomfort
  • Gaps can be a major disturbance during rains as water may permeate the cabin. Distorted vision and rusted frames are possible outcomes. The quality of the glass will gradually deplete
  • If the windscreen is not fitted well, it may develop cracks due to impact on the road
  • Silicone might not withhold the impact created by a collision or air bag deployment
Genuine Adhesive (Urethane) – Benefits
  • Polyurethane seals the glass to the frame perfectly
  • It is 90 times sturdier than silicone and offers added safety in case of an accident
  • There’s little to no chance that the windshield might dislodge
  • Properly sealed windshield keeps the frame of the car intact. The roof of the car doesn’t give in during accidents, keeping you safe at all times
  • Genuine adhesives adhere to standards set after heavy research and match every safety guideline
  • While fake adhesives take longer to dry, genuine is much more effective
Make sure that only professionals undertake windshield repair or replacement for your vehicle. It is of utmost importance that they are fixed properly by experienced hands. Finally, they can reduce your effort and ensure convenience on the road for a long time.
Deepika Singh