All My Flash Games
A list of most of the games I've personally created over the last 10 years
I have created quite a few games over the past 10+ years mostly in Flash and more recently using Unity. I am primarily an Artist but I do code everything as well - I create the 2D UI & concepts, 3D Models, 3D Levels, Textures, Lighting, Animation and I also create the Music & Sound FX. You can check out a bunch my FREE assets - 3D models, Textures, Music, Sound FX etc:- I love to work on 3D Art & Design related stuff but I also have a passion for creating atmospheric music and Sound FX and created a considerable Sound FX library over the years. I have also made quite a few of my games for Android and published them via the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store.
Simon Bennett - Psionic
2D 3D Designer - Coder - Musician - Artist
2 years ago
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