All my Assets
Here are some of my best shaders, Props and New things on my Unity Asset Store.
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My Best Sellers in the Last 2 months are:
1) Hair Shader 2.0 (seen above) : Sold over 50 in the last 3 months! (zero refunds, highly refined based on consumer feedback)
2) First Person Hands with Gloves - Animated: Sold over 300 in the last 18 months. (All time favourite, 1 refund in that time)
3) Low Poly Business People - Selling at least 5 per week in the last 2 months of its existence!
4) Blood decal meshes, now combined into Blood Decals and FX to include all blood related stuff! Sold over 200 in the last year
5) Colourful Sprite Pack: Sold over 100 in the last 6 months

I also have a good bunch of free stuff that constantly shift over 1000 units per month , so , please check them out.!
Robert Ramsay
Art and Animation specialist - Artist