Alien Road Rage
Alien Road Rage is a racing game, which incorporates highly responsive touch controls and wacky physics. It will be available for both iOS and Android devices.
Alien Road Rage is an endless road rage alien racing game. Players will take the role of an alien tired of burning crop circles and performing cow experiments, who decides to take driving lessons in the midst of a full-scale invasion of earth. Players will race through forest, grassland, suburban, and city landscapes. Everything in the game will be destructible. Players earn points by smashing through road signs, animals, trees, and people crossing the road. Minimalist 3D graphics, immersive sounds, and the explosive thrill of mega smashes and crashes will give players a unique endless alien road rage experience. The gameplay and steering will be very simple: tap left to go left, and tap right to go right. Alien Road Rage will be available for iOS and Android devices. PearFiction Studios is happy to respond to questions or comments. PearFiction Website: PearFiction on Twitter:
Alan Redensek
IT and Services Professional - Programmer