Alien Mushrooms
Published a year ago
With your skill and judgement clear the solar system of alien fungi . . . the prequel to Visions of the Future by Invisible Creature.
Alien Mushrooms was our second release on the iTunes App Store.
When we set up Little Ace Studios our goal was to "get a game on the Apple App store!" . . . we achieved this with "Kappa Lite". While we loved this game and its simple playability and look, the code was so clumsy and clunky it took all our time to navigate through all our early mistakes that we lost heart and . . . we moved on!
With a rewrite on the code but using similar mechanic ideas "Alien Mushrooms" was born, we are currently working on new levels as we have had some good feedback which mainly consists of "WE NEED MORE LEVELS!" . . . while also trying to expand our portfolio . . . B
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