Alien Horde
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The Alien Horde is invading Earth, use bombs to stop them, attack with all your might!

Touch the screen to drop bombs on the alien horde to destroy them! The Aliens won't give up so don't stop! you must defend the Earth!

Supply helicopters will bring more bombs, score bonuses and nuclear weapon parts

bombs - adds to your bombs
bonuses - adds to your score
nuclear weapon parts - collect these to unleash a nuclear bomb on the alien horde!

* fast paced alien exterminating action
* hordes of aliens to destroy
* explosive alien destroying action
* stop the alien ships from defending the horde with their shields
* easy to play for all the family
* online highscores and achievements - can you top the leaderboard?

drop bombs in differnet patterns to find the best way to destroy the most aliens and get the high score.

You are Earth's only defense against the Alien Horde, humanity is with you....
simple one finger (or two!) gameplay, aimed at younger players or casual gamers

carl carter
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