Alien City
Published 3 years ago
Unity alien City

The project

For my project I have gone with a an alien inhabited city at day light. I chose this idea because it brought out a unique idea of having different alien like creatures living in the same world but still acting like humans.
My first image was setting the initial locating of the scene and putting down roads, buildings and other props used to create a urban type vibe. As shown on the picture I chose a to start off with a couple of roads, buildings and a center square.
Around my scene I created my terrain so that when I added a first or third person controller, I was able to look around and decide if i should expand my scene or change the location. The images above show my the work I have done on the parts of terrain and what is around my world.
I created a little park area in my urban area to have a bit of variation and to include something green in a grey city. With the park I also added a small alien for which I used cinemachine to add a virtual camera onto the alien so the camera track it. I added a timeline onto the alien and set it up in the position and animation I wanted it to have. I recorded the animation and added to the scene.
I decided to add some apartments to give off the city as being inhabited and robots lived in it. The apartments also bring depth into the scene showing how they are smaller compared to objects in the front of the camera.
With AI I used idle and walking animations to show that the aliens were alive and able to move around in the world. Some contained smart cameras and others contained display cameras which you can switch between.
In the video just above I added the working on my scene and the terrain I built around the scene. I added the aliens that were inhabiting the land in this scene to bring out a 'regular day' that we might experience in the real world.


Final product with AI, Buildings and cameras placed with a light skybox theme and correct lights from AI


Michael Wisdom