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Digital Wizards Entertainment LLC is a software development company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. ​It was founded by an industry veteran, Fernando Zanetta in 2008. We develop software for the Web, PC, Mac, Xbox, VR, AR and mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Androids, Windows Phone, etc.​Think of your favorite AAA title game. I will guess that it was made by a very large team of developers that have experts in every field, right?. And it probably took a few years to finally reach the market.

Well Digital Wizards Entertainment is…exactly not like that. We are only two developers, creating ambitious projects with excellent quality, in a short amount of time. This might sound impossible, but it is not. When we work on projects that are too large, we have good resources of professional contractors and collaborators that we know for a long time in the industry.

​Somethings about us:

We enjoy solving complicated problems and face new challengers.

We like to do our best to surpass limits and create things that was thought to be impossible.

We work morning to night to create amazing projects, experiences, and worlds that have yet to exist.

We are always learning new things, we are proud of our 3d creation pipeline and we keep it up to date.

We do not follow the flow of choosing popular software (tools). We choose what we think is the most efficient tool for the task.

Our strong background is real-time 3d graphics for games, simulations, VR and AR projects for different platforms.

And finally, we enjoy what we do.

Digital Wizards