Airbus VR Experience 2016

Airbus wanted a mind blowing VR experience to set themselves apart at the biggest tradeshow in the world. We created a slick immersive experience that demonstrated the functionality of their products in a number of virtual environments.

The brief was simple enough. We were given a list of items that Airbus wanted to showcase at a tradeshow using VR. We drew up three narratives that allowed us to demonstrate these products - ranging from 'popup' communication tents to transport planes - being used in the field in a real life situation.
I was responsible for the Mars scene depicted, the DCIS Tent, the A400M interior and some of the vehicles.
Client: Airbus Group
Copyright owner: Inside Infinity, Airbus Group.
Team: Daniel Learmonth, Tiago Castelo (Developer) , Ben Wilkinson (3D Artist), Gareth Knight (3D Artist), Elliott Butler (3D Artist), Graeme Watson (Studio Manager).
Tools: Oculus DK2, 3DSMax, Unity, Substance Designer, World Machine.
Daniel Learmonth
Freelance 3D/VR/AR/Vis - Artist