Air touch installation
This app has been developed for a specialized exhibition in Europe. With the help of Leap Motion remote interaction with the menu and slides is implemented. The user air-presses UI button, moving virtual arms/controls. To exit the app, the user can clap his hands. 3 categories with 11 projects in each are presented; there are 4-6 slides in each project. A mini-game is also created where the user is shifting a virtual basket while moving his hand. A clenched fist results in the basket changing its color. The aim of the game is to collect as many falling elements of the same color with the basket as possible.
* Video is shot not at the presentation stand. A big screen, stand, and special lighting are to be in place
* All presentation slides were substituted

+ Leap Motion controls
+ Mini-game
+ 30+ projects in the presentation; 100+ slides
+ 2 hands support; swipe, clap, clip gestures.
Sergey Vitukhin
Programmer - Programmer
Game developer - Owner