Air Raid Defender
Updated a year ago
In development
Windows; Xbox One; Android; iOS; PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch
Be aware of the air raid alarm, be ready to defend the life and prevail over the sinister air attacks that menace our cities.
With no warning at all, an unidentified army of flying vehicles started to attack military bases, strategic geopolitical places and the main cities around the world; the attack was so well coordinated and unexpected that most of the military forces around the globe where seriously decimated, specially the air force, where the attackers have a definitive advantage.
The Reapers squadron, a group of first class soldiers from the Air Defense branch, are part of the few defenses that survived the first attack, and now it is your turn for payback.
Equipped with highly classified vehicles with guided lethal surface to air missiles and force field shields, it is your mission to protect what it is left and spear head the retaliation force to bring down this unknown enemy.
Miguel Angel Cortes Sosa
Product Support Manager - Designer
Game Languages
English; Spanish; Japanese
Supported Platforms
Windows; Xbox One; Android; iOS; PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch