Air Defender 3D
Air Defender 3D is an arcade-style game where you defend your city from an incoming attack of missiles, mortars, bombs, and helicopters. The game is easy to learn and the controls are as simple as tapping where you want to launch your missile to. You can also tap on people that walk out of the city buildings to rescue them and earn credits that can be spent on upgrading your missile launcher. My game is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. I did all the coding/scripting myself. I made the bomb, enemy missile, and mortar models in Blender. The rest of the 3D models and visual effects I purchased on the Unity asset store. The music and sound effects I found via the Unity Forums by an individual offering free use of audio with attribution in the game credits. I implemented rewarded Unity Ads and In-App Purchasing for monetization. I used Gamesparks for my leaderboards so they would be cross-platform (Android and iOS). Analytics are implemented with Unity Analytics. I also used Unity Cloud Build to simplify the multi-platform build process.
Craig Amundson