Ahh! Real Zambies!
Updated 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac
Multiplayer Zombie Shooter with a playful esthetic and thrilling gameplay! Upgrade weapons, build defenses, anything you can do to survive the outbreak.
Are you a huge fan of zombies? Or should I say ZAMBIES!? Do you like your zombie shooters with a bit of story and unique characters to sink your teeth into? Well, Ahh! Real Zambies may be the game you're looking for. It features characters you just want to plush up and keep on your desk, multiplayer missions with insane replay-ability value, defense building, competitive teamwork, and most of all, Zambies! Go head to head in a post-apocolyptic world battling it out with Zambies or get up close and personal with other players in survival and deathmatch. Ahh! Real Zambies features 3 different game modes:
Mission - Make your way though the zombie outbreak with up to 4 players in 6 different campaigns, each campaign features 3 levels where players must work together to complete the objectives in each level and live to tell about it.
Survival - Fend off the zambie horde in this 10-player game mode (5v5vAI)! Watch your back, not everyone is on your side. Purchase better weapons to increase your chances of survival and be the first to take advantage of frequent supply drops.
Deathmatch - Show your friends who the real survivalist is in this 10-player free-for-all. Just be careful not to bring a knife to a gun fight!
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Windows; Mac