Africa Racing v1.0
Published 3 years ago
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Android; iOS
Africa Racing 1.0 is a launch of Bonako’s car racing franchise. The franchise uses African cities for its scenarios. In this first version, the game takes place in parts of Praia, Cape Verde, namely Achada Santo António and Plateau. The game will evolve
in future updates with new neighborhoods in Praia and other African cities. The game stands out for its replica of the neighborhoods, which gives a true representation of Praia. Future versions will continue to push the boundary for realism and with a gameplay that provides a unique experience of African cities. This first version allows players to customize their cars (color, engine, exhaust, etc.).
It was the first raunchy game we built (Bonako) and we digitized two neighborhood of the city (Praia, Cape Verde), our goal is to scan the whole city and put the real life habits in the game, the car system used was UnityCar 2.1 from asset store.
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Ivandro Ribeiro
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Android; iOS