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Burden is an unusual survival where the player has to choose diseases to upgrade skills. It's RPG the other way around with utterly bizarre content. Survive in the world of limited resources and constant danger.
The player is going to embrace all sufferings of the Desert which is now the new home of the humanity. Sand is everywhere, new diseases, lack of resources, terrible food, no friends, angry neighbours, insane raiders, infamous creatures - everything seems to be unbearable and yet there’s a tiny chance to survive.
This is an alternative life where details of decades past are being rehashed step by step. The only thing is clear is that the player is in the hot desert glued to it for good. From now on players have to spend all the time discovering, crafting, building, hunting or running away from dangerous beings or foes. It’s a rat race where you can’t get back to basics, because there aren’t any.
People say, where there’s life, there’s hope. Well, in Burden you’ll hope not to lose the life, otherwise start over and try to make it to the very end.

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The app was active in 2017.

Fair Games Studio
Indie Game Developer - Artist
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Russian; English
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