ADWATCH Tournament Edition
This game's roots came from a joke. While joking about the industry standards of monetizing mobile games using advertisement revenue. My boss decided to make a game where the whole goal was to watch ads. Players receive points for watching an ad. When they return from watching an ad, they have the change to double their points by ... watching another ad! This is a classic example of, What the client wants, you create! ;) CORE DUTIES As the lead programmer, I designed the game from back to front. Using a SQL back end and Web Services 2.0 interface I was able to create a custom leader board that handled many "Sanity Checks" for cheaters as well as parsing the data to show a "Candy Crush" like effect where only a small number of people are above you. This game implemented 3 different ad providers that worked in random rotation and featured an achievement system that unlocked and showed YouTube videos. All frameworks that I created from scratch (except the YouTube, was achieved through a Unity3D Plugin). Release Date March 4th, 2015
Joe Noble
Unity Engineer
2 years ago
Head of Product, Unity Connect - Producer
hahahah this is amazing