Adventures of MR. mELON
Published a year ago
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iOS; Android
This is the Story of Mr. Melon who inherited his father’s Microchip business but lost everything to his wicked uncle Damien who made him sign some docs and took over the business leaving Melon with just a Manual Microchip-maker.
Now its your task to help Melon get back what is rightfully his and take revenge on his wicked uncle ,but that's not all because Melon has big dreams .You are assigned with the task of making Melon achieve his dream of sending a SPACE SHUTTLE TO MARS ! Are you up-to it ?
Then Lets play the Adventures of Mr. Melon

Game Play Features

- Hundreds of tasks to complete
- Mini-games inside the game to help complete tasks
- Managing Employees,Assets,Bank Loans,Investments,etc.
- Amazing in game activities

Wish you all the best in getting Melon achieve his Dreams !
One of the most proud games I have worked on. This game is so much more than a normal idle game and have a great story and feel of having an alternate life. Players love it all over the world and this is a game where there will be something to unlock and some adventure at each stage of the game.
Ankit Jain
Unity Certified - Senior Game Programmer - - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android