Adventures of Baki
Published 2 years ago
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Join Baki on an epic adventure to fight monsters and get Baki's fruits back.
Baki loved to eat fruits and sleep all day. Baki was living peacefully in the foothills of the Himalayas until one day when the monsters attacked and took away all of Baki's fruits. They thought Baki was weak.
Boy, were they wrong.
Now it's all upto you to help Baki embark on an epic adventure to seek revenge, fight evil monsters and get the fruits back which rightfully belonged to Baki.
Join Baki on an epic adventure to fight monsters and get Baki's fruits back.
▼ Key Features ▼
• 2D platformer with breathtaking 3D elements
• Gorgeous art style with console level graphics
• Exceptionally good sound design (best enjoyed with headphones)
• 3 different types of controls (gesture, button, joystick)
• Huge levels with lots of exploration and action
• 18 playable locations and 9 mini quests (with more coming soon)
• Every location has a mini-quest
• Master new skills in the Skill tree as you progress
• Destroy monsters to collect gems and seek revenge
• Collect magic stars to unlock skills
• Adventures of Baki is available in 10 languages vis-à-vis English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and French.
• Multiplatform progress sync to cloud
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Game Languages
English; English, British; German; Spanish; Italian; Korean; Japanese; Russian; French; Chinese; Portuguese; Portuguese, Portugal; Portuguese, Brazil; Chinese, Traditional; Chinese, Simplified
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