AdventureQuest Dragons
AdventureQuest Dragons is an idle game where a player can hatch and evolve up to twelve dragons. It will be available for Android, IOS, and Facebook. Each Dragon contains its own ecosystem using the different gems each dragon hoards. A player purchases upgrades which increases their rate of production, give multipliers to the value of upgrades, or increase offline production of that gem type. This game is created by Artix Entertainment in collaboration with the guys who created Cookie Clicker. AdventureQuest Dragons features 12 hand painted dragons taken directly from the Artix Entertainment universe. All Dragons are animated using a combination of the Unity 2D tools in combination with Puppet 2D mesh animation. Core Duties: As the lead programmer I was responsible for creation of the core framework of the game, defining the data structures, game play mechanics, event management systems, promotional management, base UI workflow and design, input and gesture management, and server side web api interaction. Release Date: October/November 2014
Joe Noble
Unity Engineer