AdventureQuest BattleGems
BattleGems is a puzzle fighter released on IOS, Android, and Facebook. The game contains hundreds of nodes on a massive map, hundreds of unique enemies, thousands of customization options for your character, full Facebook canvas integration, a custom story line built around iconic AdventureQuest franchise characters, and global PVP. Core Duties: In working with the other developers on this project I defined a core data structure for the client to server-side syncing/save process. I worked with another developer to define the interfaces to be used in the core programming. I researched additional Asset Packages for potential implementation. I also worked with the UI artists to help create the User Interface design flow from concept to NGUI. During production I worked with other developers to fix found game-play and data flow bugs. I completely designed the custom social network integration with this game which includes the Request, Gifting, Scores, Invites, Leader Board's, and Sharing API's. Release Date: 03/15/2014
Joe Noble
Unity Engineer
2 years ago
Head of Product, Unity Connect - Producer
Heh - great trailer