AdventureQuest 3D: Legend of Lore
AQ3D was a Unity3D browser based MMORPG. The Game featured hundreds of players in a single room with World of Warcraft style game play and battle mechanics, AQ3D interfaced with a custom made socket server and SQL Database. Core Duties: Created a custom website for game administration, Assisted technical artist with development of cg shaders and dynamic culling system, worked with core game play developer to define data structures, worked with the 3D team to optimize draw calls and reduce mesh detail for lower end computers, and helped to implement a secure login authentication system. Release Date: N/A AQ3D Did not release. During the initial phases of development all assets were being created for the Adobe Flash port from the Unity3D engine. Midway through the alpha testing phase it was announced that Unity3D was no longer supporting Adobe Flash as a viable option to port to. Most assets and some server logic would have to be completely redone. Between this, being understaffed for this project, and already exhausting the budget on this game, it was shelved.
Joe Noble
Unity Engineer
Roman Sirokov
2 years ago
Junior Unity Developer - Programmer
Very nice! What is the size of the team?