Adventure Planet
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In development
Action RPG of the less serious kind
Adventure Planet is a 3rd Person Action RPG that plays with light and shadows and where I try to go to the limits of my current skill set. The levels are generated from template pieces to give a high level of replayability and the gameplay is physics based. I am working alone and with Unity asset store content that I adjust to my needs where necessary. Also relying on many of the major tools like Mesh Maker, Mesh Baker, Colorify, QMaze, Final IK, ... that the store offers and that come in handy to lighten the workload. The game will be part maze solving, part collectathon and part action fighter. I will try to put a dozen or so area themes in there so players won't get too bored by the visuals. My current hope is for a launch (Early Access on Steam) is early May! When the game is finished I plan to add reworked versions for AR and VR. This will likely include removing all the real time lights and maybe even change to first person for VR ... if I go there each will be a separate release for sure though.

Gerald Terveen
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