Advent Games Festival
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Android; WebGL; iOS
Advent Games Festival is all about testing your skills and celebrating Advent season time. It's your own Advent Calendar with games and a town you're preparing for Christmas celebration.

Play throughout set o minigames and explore your advent calendar and discover today's surprise.

Learn answers for couple hundreds of christmas trivia you can spread around your christmas table, like:

+ In wchich country people use banana trees instead of christmas pines?
+ In which country people get to church using roller blades?

Play through tons of arkanoid levels and compete with players around the world for the best performance. Survive through increasing difficulty and see how far you can get.

Test your agility skills in a climbing game where the time is your biggest enemy. Test how far you can get and compare your results with other players.
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Game Languages
Polish; German; English
Supported Platforms
Android; WebGL; iOS