Advanced ShMUp Complete Kit
Published 2 years ago
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Linux; Mac; Windows; Android; iOS; Android TV; Samsung Smart TV; WebGL
Complete framework for Shoot Em'Up games.
Advanced ShMUp Complete Kit 1.5 is the new iteration of the complete game framework optimized for mobile platforms and multiplayer capabilities on desktop and WebGL platforms, with easy to use editing features for starters, and extension ready modular scripting for advanced modifications.
Main Features:
* Quality - Movement completely interpolated for timescale manipulation, raycasted collision detection for fast moving objects, UnityEvents to keep the core game working flawlesly while using the Editor to connect visual or sound effects or comunication with other plugins. Also, lots of helper scripts with full Editor integration.
* Mobile Ready - Touch controls for tablet or mobile devices, internal object pooling for maximun performance.
* Desktop Ready - Keyboard, mouse and up to three josticks at the same time.
* WebGL Ready - Optimized for maximum performance.
* States Manager - States with custom conditions, multiple time and condition controlled spawns, spline paths support, and more.
* Plugins - Integrated ready to use plugins and simple systems to inherit from or to use as a Unity Message dispatcher to GameObjects
* Functioning level flow - With Main screen, Selection and Gameplay scenes loading and crossfade between scenes.
* Simple editor - Editor scripts for easy modification. Global configuration via ScriptableObject to faster editing without scene switch.
* Pause capacity - Pause everything in the gameplay and show an animated pause screen.
* PowerUps System - Power up spawn condition system with working examples.
* Music and sound - Music system as a plugin for the StateManager provides music changes according activated states. SFX can be easily set up on different framework events.
* Examples - A full working demo for up to three players with several enemy types, examples for Enemies AI, Boss AI, paths, working State System with end level, Ingame UI, Basic Main Menu, Map Scene, and all you need to assemble your first functional shoot em up without writing a line of code.
Many more features and a lot to come.
WebGL and Android game demos
Includes all the source code, and requires no external library or components!
franco antonio scigliano
Senior Video Games Programmer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows; Android; iOS; Android TV; Samsung Smart TV; WebGL