Advanced RPG Roguelike
Advanced Roguelike RPG is a project that demonstrates completely procedurally generated worlds, as well as a ton of key RPG and rougelike features. Everything is easily cusomizable so you can create your own RPG or Roguelike in no time!

Some of the features:
- Flexible and powerful map generator
- Fully destructible map
- Enemy AI (movement, attack etc.)
- Health system
- Loot and Item system, simple inventory
- Money system
- Item shop
- Implementation of long-range and close-range weaponry
- Simple minimap
- XML integration

In addition you are free to use all art materials featured in the project:
- Fireball sprite/animation
- Main character sprite/animations
- Enemy animations
- Background sprites and props
- Coin and item sprites
- UI elements
Anton Vinogradov
Developer - Student