Advance Interactive Visualization Applications
Advance Interactive Visualization Applications
LLS creates classroom, stand-alone and web-based courseware in cooperation with curriculum designers, instructors, and matter experts. Key Features:  True to life 3D models and procedures.  Visually Intuitive and 3D Interactive Courses.  Procedures and troubleshooting editor to create custom content.  Fully interactive rich learning content.  ‘Learn by doing’ and simulating real scenarios.  ‘On-Demand Learning’ - Portable training courses.  Modular Content Design and Development.  Quick to design, develop and deploy.  Cross Platform deployment.  Maintenance Procedures.  LMS connectivity.  Interactive 3D Identification tests.  Interactive 3D Maintenance tests.  Component Operational and schematic flow animation.  Component Isolation.  Component sub part isolation.  Fluid and particle flow of different aspect of the engine operation (air, oil, coolant, ignition etc.
Itzhak Pichadze
CTO / Generalist