Adam Bear
Adam Bear is a New free android Platform game . it's design for the player how love to see new things every week .this is weekly updating free game . every week new free world ,new free level ,new type of fun and engagement for every one. it will be the best free addictive time passing game in the propeller market.This is a level based free game , get all 3 candy in each level to unlock the next world when new world release .you run .. run .. run and jump .. jump .. jump.. but don't fall in a trap . its just like super mario, giana sisters, kirby, rayman, donkey kong ,irunner etc . This game is not like Angry Birds Star Wars but we are sure you will be happy for our every week updation come and join the adventurer of Adam Bear ★Easy controller ★Every week new world will be unlocked. ★More updates are coming soon....:) Note : some time you may get white screen on armv6 processor mobile . if you get white screen just close the game and reopen it .this will fix it . we are working on this . soon we will fix this problem . thank you and our apology for it .
Senior Game Developer - Programmer
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