Acting Kindly Mobile - A Change the World Card Game
Planet Earthlings has created the “Acting Kindly” game/app for Android and soon for iOS. It encourages players to practice random acts of kindness and playful deeds to bring joy to others. In “Quest Mode” solo users can draw cards from different decks and put each mission in their quest list to share with friends and report back when they are completed.
“Game Mode” is a unique multiplayer, cooperative, experience played out in public spreading joy and immediately making the world a happier place. It can be played at school, neighborhoods, events or any public venue.
How to Play – Game Mode
MISSION: Teams collect fuel from kind deeds and fun challenges to save planet Earth!
BLAST OFF: Teams of 2 to 5 crew members each form a spaceship. The ship Engineer uses their mobile to spin the wheel and then draw cards. Earn one fuel for each deed completed. Rascals are fun, but slow you down. Remember, fuel can only be collected when everyone is together.
LEVEL UP: Complete three deeds and your fuel tank is full. Time to join forces with another ship.
DOCKING: Connecting ships means an empty fuel tank. Choose an Engineer to draw cards for your new, bigger team. Sub-Engineers can still collect points and fuel on their mobiles. Start again earn three fuel…join with another team. When all ships are connected you’ve formed a SuperShip!
HAPPY LANDINGS: The Supership Engineer draws one more deed. Complete it and...Everyone Wins!
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