About a game I like to play
Published 22 days ago
Homeworld: Remastered Collection

Why I like this game.

The Homeworld Collection has many great features and concepts that other RTS don't very much use. Its space combat is more complex where its 3D, the graphics are stunning, the music really sets the mood for the game and they made the story-line flow so well with its game series.


As I have said before the movement is in a 3D area where you can navigate your units up and down to flank and outmaneuver your opponents, its not just stuck where your moving across a flat plain. Another reason I like the gameplay is that scouts in this game are actually more because you need to make sure that the enemy is not coming from under or over. lastly i love the combat because it provides a challenge of finding the right unit that you need to deal with an opponent rather than just amassing an army. Your ships do get destroyed easily if you don't send the right one.


The graphics are a real stunner when you first look at the in game gameplay. The shadows actually behave like shadows as one would expect by the light source from far away but the feeling you get when panning the camera around really makes you feel like the space is vast and empty.... until you meet your opponent in battle. Whats even more interesting than ambiance graphics is that each unit is detailed really well, from the big units to the small units and they all each have their own trail as they fly through space.


Lastly the music that this game had really made me feel like i was in space when there was no conflict happening. It was more calm and made me feel like i was drifting along for the ride. Now as for the combat music, it really set the mood for space battles especially when you battle the old guardians of the dreadnoughts called the "Keepers of Sajuuk", it really made an impression that the situation was urgent and that it was an ancient enemy when you first run into them.
(All pictures have been taken in game by me)


With this being said, I personally did not find any issues or can think of any improvements to be made with these games as they were made very well and upon playing I have not found any bugs, the creators have done an amazing job with this game. I recommend and encourage anyone that likes RTS's and space games to go and try this amazing series.
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