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Published 3 months ago

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About This GameThe adventures of the young knight begin in an abandoned building where no one expected to find mysterious occurences or the presence of dark powers. In order to help the knight get out you will have to kill bloodthirsty monsters, find your way out of dangerous traps and deliver the light aura crystal. b4d347fde0 Title: Abandoned KnightGenre: Action, Adventure, CasualDeveloper:Daniil HasanovPublisher:Dagestan TechnologyRelease Date: 27 Apr, 2016 Abandoned Knight Activation Code [serial Number] knight online abandoned bones görevi. abandoned tramway hollow knight. overgrown abandoned arkham knight riddler. arkham knight abandoned shopping mall. abandoned park map knights and brides. batman arkham knight abandoned mall. abandoned bones knight. abandoned knight steam. abandoned park knights and brides. overgrown abandoned arkham knight riddle. abandoned bones knight online. hollow knight abandoned tram. knight online abandoned bones 1. abandoned dwelling loyce knight. hollow knight abandoned tramway. abandoned lands knights and brides. abandoned tram station hollow knight. batman arkham knight abandoned canal. knightridge abandoned observatory. batman arkham knight abandoned overgrown. arkham knight abandoned canal. abandoned lands knights & brides. abandoned bungalow knights and brides. abandoned canal arkham knight. abandoned knight The graphics are horrible, combining 2D characters and objects that are 90% drawn side-on, with an overhead view of 3D walls = bad idea. The simple GUI should be straight-forward, but it comes off as cryptic which is quite a feat.. A save option is there (I think).. but it only saves in ram lol.. The gameplay itself is rubbish and worst thing by far is the controls - if controller is not properly supported then at least enable use of the cursor keys, rather then having to wing everything with one hand... unless you want to masturbate while playing then it's ok I guess.. although most players are more likely to just punch themselves in the face.Avoid.. Completely unplayable. I bought it for the cards. I don't recommend doing the same.. Worse than expected. Definitely not recommended. 1/10. Abandon all hope for this game.. Does this remind anybody else of the graphics for Pixel Dungeon?Game is barely a YES.... Not only is this game so bad that you should not buy it, but it is so bad that you should ALL go out of your way to send Daniil Gasanov and Dagestan Technology a snake emoji. Yes fill their inboxes full of snakes. After all that is exactly what they are when they begin to sell unfinished products on Steam and dress them up as a complete working one. For one thing though this game advertises 13 levels the last two do not unlock at all and level 11 is completely unfinished with no enemies just a simple walk from an entrance to an exit point. H which is to activate a torch in the dark levels doesn't seem to work either and finally no save file works meaning you have to complete the game in one sitting. Exit the game and you lose the save files and have to begin at level 1 again.What makes the aforementioned task of completing the entire game in one sitting a dog breakfast is the boss in level 7 he is ridiculously difficult and will have you praying to every god in this world in the hope that one will answer you and help you to move on to the next level.When companies and individuals lie, steal people's money and have zero care to rectify any blaring problems you can only say that the biggest monster of the game is not inside the game, but outside of it. Medusa to your inbox Dagestan.Below is me completing the entire game to settle your curiosity so that you hopefully DO NOT BUY this game and reward them by doing so... you enjoyed reading this review please subscribe to my curator page. Thanks... even the developer cant complete this game. Controls are OK Could be more fluidThe game feels like a college assignmentThe chests lack good feelings when opening, and what are they for?5 stars out of 10 MAX. So I suppose it is: MEH OK. - Gameplay Not Fun- Hardly any good animation- Hardly any sounds - Only Five Levels
Cecilia Sosa