Abandoned in Space - Neon Challenge
Updated a year ago
Lost in the aftermath of a planetary explosion.
Update #5
Good news and bad news. Bad news, I cannot finish this contest in time. Good news, I have been selected to demo my game to 500 players on the 11th and it's the best move career wise for me to make the most of the demo. A little sad to have to pull out of the contest but I cannot miss this great opportunity.
Now to think of it though - which makes me feel a bit better, all these models I was/am making are going into my game anyway. This contest came at good time for my project as it made me look at it in a more polished final aspect instead of just thinking about code and game play. So in reality this scene I was making will turn into a scene that I'll bring into my game.
Now sometimes contest's have submission date extensions and if this happens well.....

Update #4
I feel as though 70-80% of the models I wanted are done. Do to time, I don't want to make anything else instead, I'll use the Asset Store to complete the scene. I started to play with some textures from Substance Share and ones that came with the Assets. I mainly have scoured assets that have had electrical wires and boxes and I'll list those all at the bottom. Next on the list is to make/procure some signs, hand-rails, light fixtures, fences and distant destroyed city.

Update #3
In this project I really just wanted to focus on making something really detailed like I never have before. Part of that is scattering rocks on the ground as well as making those pipe bolts and electrical box lines.

Update #2
Away for the holiday a not near a PC so I used "old school tech" to still work on the scene, a pencil and paper! In fact, I found this has been an excellent way to get ideas down. Next step - I'll start with making some custom electrical boxes and pipes and also use a few assets from the store for more common items. I made a hanging cables and pipes tool in Houdini and can't wait to see it in Unity next.

Update #1
This is an original game concept of my own, this contest is a great way to see how far I can take my skills, experience and tools to make this idea a photo-realistic reality.

Working with concept artist Chris Cold's over-paints to get the initial feel, it was off to making or procuring models from the Asset Store to start to bring together something believable. I love the hanging cables and the feel of a building getting ripped apart.

I also came across work from artist Cornelius Dämmrich [] who blew my mind. I found huge inspiration in his direction composition and details.

The buildings required a certain feel so I'm using Houdini with Voronoi fracturing for the job.

Asset Used
  1. Unity Volumetric Fog
  2. Unity Post Processing Stack
  3. MegaSplat
  4. UI Screenshot Creator
  5. The Wasteland
  6. Pipes Kit
  7. Hospital Horror
  8. Container
  9. Heist
  10. The Courtyard

Skyway Interactive - Bryan Meadows
Programmer, Modeler - Producer